Justin Verlander Had Already Won The 2011 AL Cy Young Award… And Now He’s Won The 2011 AL MVP! ! !

Justin Verlander of The Detroit Tigers is The 2011 AL CY and AL MVP!!!


Honestly, Verlander DID Deserve BOTH Awards.

He Threw a No-Hitter.

He Snagged The AL Pitching Triple-Crown with His 24 Wins, 2.40 ERA, and 250 Strikeouts.

He Helped Lead The Detroit Tigers to a Division Title.


Well Deserved Indeed.


The Article Discussing Verlander and His CY/MVP 2011 Season is Below.

…as a minor side-note…
…Verlander is just 28-Years-Old.
If He Continues to Stay Healthy…
…He’s Got The Talent AND The Drive to, perhaps, Do It AGAIN!—



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