Something For “The Kid” In Us ALL…

And I’m Very Pleased to Intro said Something To Y’all…

A Very Nice Gent Let Me Know About It.

That Simple Gesture DID Make Me Smile…

AND I (simply in return) Felt Honored By said Simple Gesture.

I Can Only Hope I Was Able To Express That Feeling (in my simple way).

The Fans ARE Just As Important As The Players…

The Teams…

The Leagues…

Here, There, and Everywhere.

It’s Nice To See Someone Giving The Fans a Decent Shake.

Plain and Simple.


Yep. I (simply) Had To Show THIS Pic Off. It ALSO Made Me Smile 🙂

Will 2012 make Kansas City the “…Talk Of The Town All-Over The World!” Once Again???

Melky Rocked-HARD For Me In The 2011 Fantasy Season (a Keeper-Alternate)

You’d Best Believe I SURE HOPE SO

…tho it’s probably Unlikely…


…which They Will Have The TALENT To…

…tho what They  DO With said TALENT does remain a huge mystery UNTIL Mid/Late 2012.

I’d Be HONORED To Be Honestly Optimistic in regard to a WINNING SEASON in KC!

Do You Feel It? I Might, Also. I Hope That's "Pride", anyway... hmmm...



Eh, It’s Been A While…

…So Why Not, eh?!


One Winning Season Would Be Great Fun.

Two May REALLY Turn Some Heads.

Three WOULD SELL The Folks of KC.

It’s Hard, Yes.

But I’d Say Three Winning Seasons, with maybe An ALMOST Winning Season Mixed In.

Baseball People LOVE LOVE LOVE Stats.

So A True Fan Would Appreciate Three Out Of Four.

Hell, Three of FIVE May Even Do It.

It Would For Me.

KANSAS CITY has been Laying Quiet, and Making SMART Decisions.

They Have Been Rebuilding.



What Have They Become?


Hosmer is My #2 Position-Player KEEPER, by the way... So It's Gonna Be Fun To Watch Unfold, REGARDLESS of The Conclusion. 😉




Tune Into The 2012 Regular Season (and possibly beyond?) to Get Your Answers.

NICE! Here’s An Article That SHOULD BE READ. PERIOD.

Cubs offer better job than Cardinals, Red Sox

(Pieces Of The Article) By Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports

On Terry Francona’s way out of Boston, Red Sox management shoved his reputation down a flight of stairs, dragged it outside and curbed it for good measure. If he was going to run a toothless clubhouse, they were going to render his character just the same. Little did they know Francona’s emergence from the beatdown – and what it says about the Red Sox organization – would serve as the focal point for baseball’s greatest melodrama today: the managerial carousel whirring for three of the game’s biggest jobs.

Francona, it turns out, has been in contact with Theo Epstein, his former boss in Boston, the new president of the Chicago Cubs and filler of the second gig in the manage-a-trois. Their conversations show the respect accorded to Epstein and, by extension, a Cubs job that prior to his arrival would’ve been looked upon as rather dead-end. Moreover, they affirm that Francona lays blame not on Epstein but the Red Sox ownership that has to convince the next manager it won’t similarly defile him whenever his tenure ends.

Epstein intimated that Francona likely doesn’t fit with the Cubs right now, which takes us to the third team: the St. Louis Cardinals, who won a championship a week ago, saw their manager retire three days later and began interviews to fill the job Thursday. Francona, who seems to make every bit of sense for the Cardinals, is expected to interview with them in the near future.

How much the Cardinals make sense for him, of course, is the ultimate question he must ask himself as he weighs their opening against the Cubs’. Because of Francona’s history with Epstein, perhaps St. Louis looks more appealing.

It shouldn’t.

The Cubs’ job is the best one open. Better than the defending champion Cardinals’. Much better than the $170 million-payroll Red Sox’s.

This is not crazy talk. The quality of a job isn’t simply about present-day talent, a category in which the Red Sox and Cardinals run parallel (provided Albert Pujols re-signs, of course), both eons better than the Cubs. Nor is it all about future talent, with the Cardinals’ farm system among the best in baseball and the Red Sox’s and Cubs’ skewing bottom barrel.

The allure of the Cubs is in what could be – the same what could be that drew Lou Piniella and Dusty Baker and dozens of dreamers before them. If winning the World Series is baseball’s apex, winning the Cubs’ first World Series in more than a century is nirvana. Epstein wasn’t leaving Boston, where he won two championships, for just any job. Jed Hoyer, the San Diego Padres’ general manager, wouldn’t trade a great job in the most gorgeous city in baseball for frozen winters unless he saw Chicago’s GM job as a monster upgrade. —

If That Was Enough To ONLY Wet-Your-Whistles…

Then here’s The Link to The Rest Of The Article.;_ylt=Ai1ediHLimNfYN2tLfc3H1ARvLYF?slug=jp-passan_cubs_red_sox_cardinals_manager_search_110411

SEE!!! !!! !!!

Gettin’ SAUCY and INTERESTING Already!


We’ve TOTALLY Got Plenty-Plenty-Plenty of Time ahead of Us to Let This One BOIL-OVER in INTERESTIN’ SAUCY-ish-ness.

If That Comment Makes ANY Sense to ANY Of You in ANY Way…

Then I Feel Secure In My Odd-Word-Usage.

Wouldn’t You?


You Damn Sure Would AND HOW!