Okie Dokie, Blogeteers…

As Today was a Travel Day for the Cards and Rangers, things have been a bit slower… a bit calmer… and it’s been a day filled with Careful-Thought, and Mucho-Mucho Soul-Searching…


Since The Bulk Of You Don’t Know Me TOOOOOO Well (yet), I felt this would be a grand time to share something with you all.


I took up the habit of smoking while in The Military (Navy, actually) and for many Many MANY Years (and Years and Years) I’ve known quitting was an eventuality. However, after a doctor’s visit earlier today, I felt the need to make my stand.

A Firm Stand.



I’ve tried Every Available Method, and thus far have had ZERO Success.

I simply hadn’t had the will-power to do so.

HOWEVER, with things finally starting to perk up in my life a bit, I felt the time was NOW.


After my Blogging Tonight, I’ll Enjoy My Last Smoke.


And that’s it.

There’s none left.

None in the whole house.

And I’m not buying any.





The Next Couple Weeks WILL BE HELL 😦

As will The Weeks AND Months AND Years that follow.


However, as Good Ole Timmmay McCarver would likely say…

“If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes.”

Yeah, I do hate that man.

However, in his VERY VERY VERY Simple Way, He IS Correct.


Let The Changes COMMENCE!


In Support Of My Efforts, I’m Going To Share With YOU, My Blogeteers, the Two Movies/Films/Flicks I’ll Be Watching Tonight Before Heading To Bed…


First Up… Peter Cushing in Terence Fisher‘s



















Followed By… Peter Cushing in Terence Fisher‘s
















I simply felt BOTH would PERFECTLY Symbolize My First Steps Into UN-Charted Territory.

For those of you who either Are and/or Know a longtime smoker, I’m sure you can TOTALLY appreciate my attempt at a darker/dryer humorous take on this issue.

I haven’t (yet) started the No Smoking Thing, and (yet) I’m already dreading it…







Rest Will, My Peeps.

I’d Say “Tomorrow Is Another Day!”

But I always hated that line.

Clark Gable should have popped her in the chops.

Errol Flynn would have done it (hehe)!!!

Nightie Night!


OH, Yeah, and Game 6 of The World Series BEGINS TOMORROW NIGHT!


Commissioner Bud Selig Says MLB Will “Enlarge Replay A Little Bit.”

(Pieces From an AP Article) —Selig tells a Dallas radio station Baseball plans to expand its use of replay, but he says reviewing every close call would hurt the game.

Umpire Ron Kulpa blew a call at first base during St. Louis’ 16-7 victory at Texas in Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday night, kick-starting the replay debate once again. Baseball currently limits replay use to disputed home runs.


Selig added, “If you’re going to start replaying every controversial decision or every close call, I think that hurts the sport.”



The Associated Press reported (in April) Baseball was leaning toward expanding replay for the 2012 season to include trapped balls and fair-or-foul rulings down the lines.—


Interesting, eh?


I thought so, also.

Wonder what the 2012 Season will include?



A “Comedy Of Errors” For St. Louis?

Pieces Of The Article By JAIME ARON, AP Sports Writer

—Tony La Russa has won a lot of games over a lot of years by deploying relief pitchers differently than most managers. His reputation may have worked against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the World Series.

Well, that and baseball’s reliance on the 1900s technology of wall phones in bullpens even though they’re apparently easily drowned out by raucous fans.


“That phone in a loud ballpark, it’s not an unusual problem,” La Russa said. “I mean, it doesn’t make it right, but … “


Bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist misunderstood La Russa twice with the game on the line, forcing the Cardinals into an unfavorable matchup between left-handed reliever Mark Rzepczynski and Texas’ right-handed slugger Mike Napoli with one out and the bases loaded. The Rangers’ catcher took advantage by nailing a two-run double that gave Texas a 4-2 victory Monday night and put them one win from the franchise’s first championship.


The bottom of the eighth inning was a comedy of errors for St. Louis. It played out like something from the “Can you hear me now?” cell phone commercials.


Considering all the technology available these days, there’s got to be a better way to do this—right?


“Yeah, smoke signals from the dugout,” La Russa said. “There are times, like what happened in Philadelphia (during the first round of the playoffs). The phone went out, and so we used cell phones. And then the Phillies brought down walkie talkies, and they fixed the phone.”


“He made a great pitch, but it happens,” La Russa said. “Sometimes it happens for us, today it happened against us.”—



Okie-Dokie, Kiddies.

Game 6, Wednesday, 7:05pm (Central).

The Rangers are Up 3 Games to 2.

I’d KILL to See Game 7 in St. Louis!

However, we need to get through Game 6 first hehehe

At least this will give me an extra day to grow some new fingernails.

The Dog wasn’t too happy when I’d finished his in the 8th Inning Last Night 😉