OH, Right, I Forgot…

…yeah, The Cardinals Didn’t Win Game 4.

Series is Tied 2-2.

The Dude Below Is WHY:









Oh… And These Two Dudes:


Need Advice???

O M G ! ! !

I (may) Have Just Given THE Advice To-End-All-Advice to a Broseph of mine…

He wanted to know my opinion…

And this is what came out…

U Should Do EXACTLY AS U REALLY WANT. Time IS The Fire In Which We Burn. Period. Do What Has To Be Done. THEN DO WHAT U WANT. PERIOD PERIOD.


A Mixture Of Life, Baseball AND STAR TREK!


Yeah. That's The Bastage Who Took Kirk From Us (*the room falls into silence*).

Need I Say More??? ??? Really???

“…George signed on to manage Montreal in 1928 but spent much of the year hospitalized for heart disease in Macon and Atlanta. When a doctor asked him if he knew why his heart was so bad, he supposedly replied, “Bases on balls, you son of a bitch, bases on balls.”

George Stallings died on May 13, 1929, and is buried in Macon’s Riverside Cemetery.


"...Bases On Balls."





Since We’re In Texas, Why Not Mention THE Western…

I’m a huge Movie-Freak, along with my Freaky-Baseball Love-Affair…

So why not meld the two just a bit?

My Point EXACTLY πŸ˜‰


Most People Who Love A Good Western (or any film period) Can Prattle On and On about Those They Love Most.

And I’m No Different.



My Choice For Favorite Western?

Actually, a (Likely) Major-Surprise To Some Of You…


Do I LOVE Sergio Leone?


Do I LOVE Clint Eastwood?


Does Clint have anything to do with My Favorite Western?


Does Sergio?



Is The Answer Now Obvious?

Hope So πŸ™‚


(In My Opinion) THE Western. Period.


The Good Guy: Charles Bronson


The BADDEST Bad Guy: Henry Fonda


I'm NOT Going To Prattle... Don't Think I Really Need To. Period Period.