Cardinals Take Game 5 with a 7-1 Final Score!

Soooooooooooooooo You KNOW What That Means!

The Cards have a 3-2 Advantage in this Best of 7 Game Series!



You’d Best Believe THIS Guy has TOTALLY Earned a Hot-Shower!


Well… perhaps not earned it.

BUT, I’m Taking It Anyway!

Rest Well Tonight, Kids.

I plan to, at the very least, make a valiant attempt to do so.

Nothing wrong with that, right?



As NLCS Game 5 is About To Begin…

…I figured I’d share some photos with y’all.

Ya know, just to show you how Serious a Baseball Fan I am hehehe


Here they are.

How Could I Not Have One? hehehe EXACTLY!

Other Than The 1985 World Series, I've ALWAYS Rooted On The KC Royals!

Yep. Vintage Phillies. Nice, eh!?!

Retro-Tigers, Anyone? 😉

Cardinals and Brewers Knotted Up at 2 Games Apiece

Well Kids…

At least it’s been a fun NLCS to watch, that’s fer dayum sure.

I do so hate to watch my team lose, yes, but the drama involved/created makes it even MORE fun to watch.

Between the “Rangers Vs Tigers” ALCS, and the “Brewers Vs Cardinals” NLCS, you’d best believe I’ve torn my fingers AND fingernails to pieces.

I started yesterday with 8-fingernails, and 2-thumbnails.

By the end of the games last night…


I’ve got 2 left 😦


Talk about a nerve-racking Post-Season, thus far.

However, the drama/fun/excitement makes it all TOTALLY WORTH the price my fingers AND nerves have paid thus far.


Game 5 of the NLCS begins tonight, Friday, @7:05pm (Central), Live from Beautiful Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis.

Greinke Vs Garcia

Should be another barn-burner of an evening, Fo Sho Fo Sho!