Cardinals = Zombies?

Zombie-like resilience propels Cardinals

By Jeff Passan -Yahoo! Sports-

ST. LOUIS – “The Zombie Cardinals refuse to die. For months now, they have been punched, kicked, stabbed, shot, burned, garroted, blown up and eviscerated. They stand right back up and march on unabated. Nobody has found the formula to slay them.”



As a Fan of, BOTH, Baseball AND Zombies, this honestly struck me a bit more-so than most would have expected…

Including ME.




He Continues…

“They (Milwaukee Brewers), too, left the St. Louis Cardinals for dead in September, and what do the Brewers see now but 25 men in their full zombie glory, terrorizing their antagonists, the latest horror a 4-3 victory Wednesday in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series that gave St. Louis a 2-1 advantage with the next two games at Busch Stadium. The feast came quickly with a four-run first inning and ended with Jason Motte throwing 99-mph peas past Brewers bats rendered helpless in losing the last two games.”


“The Zombies, meanwhile, stroll along happy to recite the laundry list of things that tried unsuccessfully to slaughter their season. A week into spring training, ace Adam Wainwright blew out his elbow. Matt Holliday needed an appendectomy after game No. 1. Ryan Franklin blew four saves in the season’s first 2½ weeks. Albert Pujols broke a wrist. Center fielder Colby Rasmus left town in a controversial trade. David Freese suffered an ankle injury that general manager John Mozeliak said would be “season ending.” They fell nine games behind the Atlanta Braves in the wild-card race in September. They faced two win-or-go-home games in the NL Division Series.”


“Athletes love to talk about adversity. They can spin anything into adversity. Media doubts you? Adversity. Stub a toe? Crazy adversity. Couldn’t sleep on the plane? Adversity at 35,000 feet is the worst kind of adversity. Unless, of course, you get swimmer’s ear from the pool. Underwater adversity is the Boardwalk to all other adversities’ Mediterranean.  The Zombies know adversity. The real kind.”


— — —


Yeah, this was a rather enjoyable read.

How can you not love a sports writer who dishes out a “Baseball+Zombies” article around 2am’ish?


I Enjoyed It A Bundle, Also 😉

(full-article here ->);_ylt=AivfZZXHfH8w8VhwzoSSJWURvLYF?slug=jp-passan_cardinals_zombies_brewers_game_three_nlcs_101211

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