Verlander + Coke + 4 Homers = Tigers Win!

It Honestly Wasn’t The Prettiest Game I’ve Ever Seen (read as: Not-Pretty-At-All), but The Detroit Tigers DID actually Show-Up, tonight.

With said Win, they’ve forced a Game 6.

However, said Game 6 will be played in Texas.

The Tigers had best SHOW-UP AGAIN come Saturday.



We shall cross that bridge when we come to it.

And then we shall likely hang ourselves from said bridge.

Gotta LURVE The Drama, tho, eh!?!?!?!



O M G ! ! ! HAHAHA! “The Onion” Shoots, “The Onion” Scores!

Check this out…,26355/

You will all learn (eventually) I’m a Major-League-Fan of “The Onion“.

Have been since 1999 (when Me & The Boys took a vacation to Milwaukee).

This one was “Classic Onion” All-The-Way.

Love It Love It LOVE IT!


Oh, and Rangers@Tigers starts in 10 Minutes.

Are You Ready? ? ?

Berkman, Ellsbury win 2011 MLB Comeback Player of the Year Awards

(Pieces of The) PRESS RELEASE:   Lance Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals and Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox are the recipients of the 2011 Major League Baseball Comeback Player of the Year Awards, it was announced today. The Comeback Player of the Year Award is officially sanctioned by Major League Baseball, and is presented annually to one player in each League who has re-emerged on the baseball field during the season.

— — —

Berkman, who hit a combined .248 with 14 home runs and 58 RBI between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees in 2010, batted .301 with 31 home runs and 94 RBI in his first season with the Cardinals in 2011. The 35-year-old added 23 doubles, two triples and 90 runs scored while posting a .547 slugging percentage and a .412 on-base percentage. The 23 doubles marked his 12th consecutive season with at least 20 doubles while it was his sixth career season with 30-or-more home runs and his eighth season with 90-or-more RBI. The switch-hitting Berkman finished the season ranked among National League leaders in home runs (T-9th), RBI (T-11th), walks (92, 4th), slugging (5th) and on-base percentage (3rd).

— —

Ellsbury, in his fifth Major League season, posted career-highs in nearly every offensive category after being limited to just 18 games in 2010 due to injuries. Ellsbury hit .321 with 32 home runs, 105 RBI, 46 doubles, five triples and 119 runs scored. He also added 39 stolen bases to go with his .552 slugging percentage and .376 on-base percentage. The 28-year-old led the Majors with 364 total bases and 83 extra-base hits while ranking among the A.L. leaders in hits (212, 3rd), RBI (T-6th), runs (3rd), batting average (5th), slugging (T-5th), multi-hit games (T-5th), stolen bases (4th), doubles (T-3rd) and home runs (T-5th). The Madras, Oregon native became the first Red Sox player to have a 30-homer, 100-RBI season while serving as the club’s primary leadoff hitter, and the first Major League leadoff hitter to accomplish that feat since Alfonso Soriano did it for the New York Yankees in 2002.

(full article ->)

Game 4(NLCS) & Game 5 (ALCS) prompted this…

… Posting.

With The St. Louis Cardinals, The Milwaukee Brewers, The Detroit Tigers, and The Texas Rangers in The Hunt For A World Series Birth, I decided to give you a minor-history of MY Favorite Player(s) from Each Club.



The St. Louis Cardinals – Okay, so yeah, the Cardinals ARE My Team.  However, I’m not going to get all gushy and talkative about them in this posting.  I have MANY Favorite Cardinals Players.  So I’m just going to mention My Top Three (3) Cardinals… of The 1980s.  Fair Enough?  Cool Beans.  😉

2nd Baseman  (which was also My Position when I Played) Tommy Herr  (1985, Baby! My 1st Official Season as A Cardinals Fan!  He was My Inspiration/Revelation at 2B, tho I wasn’t ever close to Being A Tommy Herr.)

1st Baseman Jack “The Ripper” Clark (Had “The Ripper” not gotten hurt, He WOULD Have Been The 1987 NL-MVP.)

Catcher Darrell Porter (Tough Life, Tough Guy, Tough Player. And he had those Big-Goofy-Ass Glasses JUST LIKE I DID (hehe Don’t Hate, It was Our Connection.))



The Milwaukee Brewers – Have honestly always enjoyed watching The BrewCrew play.  Even have a very good friend who is a SOLID Brewers Fan THROUGH & THROUGH.  So, I do root for them to Win a Bulk of the time.  But NOT THIS SERIES.  ;-|

Catcher Mike Matheny (Yes, He was Also a Cardinal, but he played for Milwaukee BEFORE he was a Cardinal. He’s Also THE Best Defensive Catcher I’ve EVER Seen. Period.)

3rd Baseman Paul “The Ignitor” Molitor (It was kinda hard not to like the guy.  He was a damn fine player, through and through.)



The Detroit Tigers – The Tigers (and The Kansas City Royals) have always been my Top Two (2) American League Clubs.  In The 1980s, when Both DET & KC were GREAT TEAMS, is when I became a Fan of Both Teams.

Starting Pitcher Jack Morris (tho Game 7 of The ’91 Series (while with The Twins) was His Greatest Triumph and STILL remains THE Best Game 7 I’ve EVER Witnessed LIVE/PERIOD.)

Short Stop Alan Trammell (I Still Say He DESERVES to be IN The Hall-Of-Fame. PERIOD.)


(side note) My Favorite Kansas City Royals:

Starting Pitcher Bret Saberhagen (1985, 1987, 1989.  ‘Nuff ‘Ced.)

3rd Baseman George “Mr. Hemorrhoids” Brett (That’s when Kansas City WAS Kansas City.  And YES, he did have Hemorrhoids. They used to make mention of it Constantly.  I didn’t know what Hemorrhoids were, period, before I watched The 1985 World Series.)



The Texas Rangers – This is the one team in the 2011 Post-Season I’ve not paid much attention to in a Long Long Time.  However, you must remember, I started watching/paying-attention-to/enjoying Baseball in the 1980s, and I’ve carried it with me The Rest Of The Way (through My Life).

Starting Pitcher Nolan Ryan (like you didn’t see THAT coming? No-Hitters in ’90&’91 (while in His 40s!) Sealed That Deal.)

Starting Pitcher Kevin Brown (His 1992, 21W, Campaign with Texas was The Making Of Kevin Brown. That Cannot Be Denied, Fo Sho.)





…that was kinda fun, actually.


…for Me, anyway.

😛   😉   😀

A Little Video With Your Morning Coffee?


SURE THING INDEED.   (LaRussa)  (Roenicke)



Hey, Why Not, eh?


My Thoughts As Well 😉








Cardinals = Zombies?

Zombie-like resilience propels Cardinals

By Jeff Passan -Yahoo! Sports-

ST. LOUIS – “The Zombie Cardinals refuse to die. For months now, they have been punched, kicked, stabbed, shot, burned, garroted, blown up and eviscerated. They stand right back up and march on unabated. Nobody has found the formula to slay them.”



As a Fan of, BOTH, Baseball AND Zombies, this honestly struck me a bit more-so than most would have expected…

Including ME.




He Continues…

“They (Milwaukee Brewers), too, left the St. Louis Cardinals for dead in September, and what do the Brewers see now but 25 men in their full zombie glory, terrorizing their antagonists, the latest horror a 4-3 victory Wednesday in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series that gave St. Louis a 2-1 advantage with the next two games at Busch Stadium. The feast came quickly with a four-run first inning and ended with Jason Motte throwing 99-mph peas past Brewers bats rendered helpless in losing the last two games.”


“The Zombies, meanwhile, stroll along happy to recite the laundry list of things that tried unsuccessfully to slaughter their season. A week into spring training, ace Adam Wainwright blew out his elbow. Matt Holliday needed an appendectomy after game No. 1. Ryan Franklin blew four saves in the season’s first 2½ weeks. Albert Pujols broke a wrist. Center fielder Colby Rasmus left town in a controversial trade. David Freese suffered an ankle injury that general manager John Mozeliak said would be “season ending.” They fell nine games behind the Atlanta Braves in the wild-card race in September. They faced two win-or-go-home games in the NL Division Series.”


“Athletes love to talk about adversity. They can spin anything into adversity. Media doubts you? Adversity. Stub a toe? Crazy adversity. Couldn’t sleep on the plane? Adversity at 35,000 feet is the worst kind of adversity. Unless, of course, you get swimmer’s ear from the pool. Underwater adversity is the Boardwalk to all other adversities’ Mediterranean.  The Zombies know adversity. The real kind.”


— — —


Yeah, this was a rather enjoyable read.

How can you not love a sports writer who dishes out a “Baseball+Zombies” article around 2am’ish?


I Enjoyed It A Bundle, Also 😉

(full-article here ->);_ylt=AivfZZXHfH8w8VhwzoSSJWURvLYF?slug=jp-passan_cardinals_zombies_brewers_game_three_nlcs_101211