As Jack Would Have Said… “And That’s A Winner!”

Carp gives up 3 Earned in 5IP

Gallardo gives up 4 Earned in 5IP

Cards Win 4-3

The NLCS heads into Game 4, Tomorrow, Thursday@7:05pm (Central), with St. Louis UP 2-1.

Fine Game To Watch, Fo Sho, Folks.

I think I deserve a Hot Shower, and An Jolly-Good-Effort at Attempting Sleep.

If I make it before Midnight?

Yeah, I’ll be shocked, also 😉

Night Night, Peeps.

Sheesh… Again!? Really!?!

The Rangers sure like the 11th Inning, don’t they.


That’s a tough loss for Any Team to swallow, that’s fer dayum sure.

Into The 11th: Tied-Up 3-3.

Game Ends Following The 11th: Texas with a 7-3 W.

*shakes head slowly in a disapproving manor*

(You Know That Shake. Your Dad Did It The 1st AND Last Time You Brought The Car Home, with You NOT Knowing You’d Had A Flat-Tire For About A MILE)



Game 5 Tomorrow Afternoon, 3:19pm (Central).

Texas Leads The ALCS 3-1.

Verlander Vs Wilson

Should Be A Lot Of Fun, Eh!

I Sincerely Hope This Post Doesn’t Jinx Anyone’s Hopes/Prayers/Wishes/Dreams/Etc …

… but Rick Porcello ( has been Nasty Nasty tonight Vs The Rangers.

He’s showing you Why I Streamed Him SIX (6) Times in The 2011 Season.

He’s an “ALL!”-Or-“OMGWTF!?!” Kind of Guy.

Sadly, he only Won ONE (1) of those 6 Times 😦

So yeah, TRUST ME, he lulls you in, then he TOTALLY TANKS.

So far tonight, it’s “ALL!”

And I’m VERY Happy For Him.

The 6th Inning BEGINS…

When I Hear This, I Think About Baseball, Writing, Life… (but mainly Baseball)

Where were you when I fell from grace?
Frozen heart, an empty space

Something’s changing, it’s in your eyes
Please don’t speak, you’ll only lie

I found treasure not where I thought
Peace of mind can’t be bought
Still I believe

I just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it’s hard
It’s hard to tell

An angel led me when I was blind
I said take me back, I’ve changed my mind
Now I believe

From the blackest room, I was torn
He called my name, a love was born
So I believe

I just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it’s hard
It’s hard to tell

I just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it’s hard
So hard to tell

“Suffer Well” – Depeche Mode

Yeah, I went there.

But it’s True.

I Simply felt The Humor AND The Deep-Deep Sadness in This Writer’s Words

I really felt it was something you would be very interested in.
I said I wasn’t going to blog on this topic.
But I’m forced to echo something I said
“Talk about a scathing editorial…” Fo FLIPPIN’ Sho 😐
My Strategy-Aides/League-Rivals  have already seen it.
However, I’ve been talking Baseball AND Writing with y’all.
So I wanted to say this…
This Editorial is what Good (in this case Baseball) Writers Do When They Get CRAZYCRAZYCRAZY Mad.
It’s kinda Funny AND Sad.
As a guy who Always Has Hated AND Always Will Hate The Boston Red Sox, I find it amusing.
As a man who understands emotions very well (since most of mine are fake), and who understands writers/writing fairly well (as I’ve been one forever and have dealt with many like me) I could simply FEEL the pain and anguish and deep-deep sadness in his words.
He crafted it exceptionally well.
Lots and Lots and Lots of DETAIL(s).
It’s very well put together.
But this Dude is simply so Sad and SO SO PISSED.
He totally used his talent in a rather Vengeful/Devious/Intelligent/Painful/Honest/Blunt/Heartfelt way.
When I read it the 1st time, I giggled a bit, but was also a bit like a guppy at feeding time.
Perhaps even had a brow raised, as I know my eyes got a little bigger.
That one kinda smarts a bit.
Not for me.
I’m already over it ;-|
I’m also sure there are some who are going to be Ultra-Pissy/Downed/Enraged/Sad/Aghast/Heartbroken.
And some (like Myself) who will giggle a bit (because they also Hate the BoSox), but who will also understand how they feel (either because of Their Love Of Baseball, or Writing, OR Both).
That’s a tough one, folks.
So that’s going to be my only Blog-Posting On THIS Issue.
Rain-Delay in Detroit 😦
Gallardo Vs Carpenter still On (for 7:05pm)  😀
I’m Ready 😉

You Kids Take It Easy

Mock-Drafting, Anyone? ? ?

I figured I’d go ahead and blog a bit about some of my Non-Keepers from my 2011 Fantasy Team.

And just to add something to aide my credibility…
I lost Our (My Fantasy Baseball League) World Series by 3.5 Points, against THE #1 Team (Regular AND Post Season) in Our League.
TRUST ME, I have a slight (tho not so slight) knowledge factor in regard to Baseball & Fantasy Baseball, coupled with an affinity toward Research.

Today, I’m giving you Five (5) Potential Steals for your 2012  Starting Pitcher Rotation.

01. Cory Luebke (San Diego Padres)
( ) – Okay, honestly, the only reason this kid isn’t one of my Keepers is because He Plays For The Padres. Period.  If they can get it together out in SanDawg, and snag some quality bats for 2012, Luebke could be BALLZ.  No Foolies, folks.  Look at His Line…
3.29 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, .209 BAA, 154 Strike-Outs in 139.2 Innings!
YES, that 6W-10L record ain’t so pretty.  Just REMEMBER Where He Plays!
Luebke could be A Major-League BEAST in 2012 (if SD gets some decent bats to back him up).

02. Mike Minor (Atlanta Braves)
( – I like this kid a lot. Minor has a bundle of Upside.  If ATL can give the man some run-support he could be one of those Later-Draft-Order Dudes that could totally help (or potentially save) a season.  It’s possible.

03. Jeff Niemann (Tampa Bay Rays)
( ) – Honestly, this dude knows what he’s doing.  He’s figuring himself out (finally) so next year has the potential to be even better.  Depending on the type of team Tampa rolls out next season, Niemann could totally have a solid 2012 Campaign.

04.  Dylan Axelrod (Chicago White Sox)
(  – This dude was a rookie who has a VERY Bright Future.  Yeah, depending on how the ChiSox are playing, this kid is either a Top-Shelf-Streamer-Candidate, or MAYBE even a Dude You Snag and Hold-Onto.  I like the kid, and he’s another who could really be a Surprise Surprise Surprise type guy in 2012.  I just don’t know yet if he’ll even make the CWS Rotation at the start of next season.  You know he’ll be Starting at Some-Point during 2012, so keep an eye on him.

05. Everett Teaford (Kansas City Royals)
( – Ok, this is another dude who was a damn fine rookie who can also work his stuff.  He did, however, spend the bulk of his season as a reliever.  If he’s in the pen, eh, I wouldn’t go for the guy.  BUT, if he’s a Starter, he’s a dude you’d likely wanna use more as a Streamer.  Since KC isn’t the best team (tho 2012 could be HUGE for KC) having him as an all-time-on-your-radar kind of guy may be the best plan.  If he’s a Starter, and he’s kickin’ it, yeah, he’d be worth it.  KC’s lineup could be Killer in 2012, so he may get the run-support needed to snag some Clutch-Wins.

Yes, there are other guys on my team who are my Non-Keepers.
I just really expect them to be snatched up quickly in the 2012 Draft.
These 5 (Potential and/or Set) Starters are more of my “Sleeper” list.
They may not be “Sleepers” to Everyone, sure.
I’m just betting they’re “Sleepers” to More People than they’re “Non-Sleepers”.

Hope that helps a bit…
I’m totally already ready for The 2012 Draft 😀
Pity it’s not until March 😦
Mock-Drafting, Anyone? ? ?
😉 hehehe

Three Relievers You’d LOVE to Have…

In our Fantasy League, we really do pay Major League Attention to our Relief Corps.

Depending on Who You Snag, How Often They Work, How Good They Are When They Work, and Who They Play For, you can really build some hardcore Fantasy Points.

I’m one of those who totally refuses to have less than 3 Relievers in my Bullpen.

While I tend to be a tad-bit-Stream’ish during the season, finding a few Solid Relievers is a huge component of a Winning Club.


The 3 (Full-Time) RP I finished my season with were…

Jason Motte -StL-

Sergio Santos -CWS-

David Robertson -NYY-


To Be Honest, I Want ALL 3 of Them BACK for the 2012 Season.

I Totally expect the 3 of them to have MONSTER 2012 Campaigns.



It’s Baseball, yes, so anything can happen.

It generally proves to be THE Most Unpredictable Sport ON EARTH.

You can plan all you want, tho your planning doesn’t always pan out as hoped/expected/wished/etc etc

As Earl Weaver said, “That’s Why Baseball Is The Greatest Game Of  Them All.”

Of course, he also said, “The Key To Winning Baseball Games Is Pitching, Fundamentals, and Three-Run-Homers.”

In regard to BOTH statements, He was (at least) 111% Correct 😉