Hmmm… Did StL Kick? or Did MIL Quit? …

… with a 12-3 Final-Score, I’d be forced to answer “BOTH” ! ! !

After scoring 6 Runs in Game 1, a Game where Greinke Started AND gave up 6 Earned, the Cardinals still lost by 3.



You see the score.

Cards 12, BrewCrew 3

So it’s a bit harder to figure out exactly What The Eff? ? ?

Series is Tied 1-1, and they’re heading out to play 3 at lover-lee Busch!

I was hoping/wishing/begging for a BRAWLING NLCS.

Perhaps the 3-Way-Combo FINALLY PAID OFF???

… maybe?

Tune In Next Time…

Same Brad Time…

Same Brad Channel.

O M G!

Bottom of The 5th.

7-2 Cardinals.

Bases Loaded for Milwaukee.

1 Out.

Weeks (who’s Homer earlier in this Game accounts for The Brewers 2 current Runs) at The PLATE…

Lance Lynn on The MOUND.

Weeks Grounds Into a DOUBLE PLAY!!! !!!

Now into the 6th.

Still 7-2 St. Louis =-D




How Did Such a Great Game End SOOO Badly?

Yeah, well, while I’m in No-Way a fan of The Texas Rangers, I do feel most folks have totally forgotten One, Very Simple, Fact…

The Rangers ARE “The Defending American League Champions”.

So, while I’d much much much rather see The Detroit Tigers win the AL Pennant this year, Β I have remained one of the few who figured The Tigers were/are “Major-League Under-Dogs” in regard to this ALCS.

As the title of this posting says, “How Did Such a Great Game End SOOO Badly?”

And honestly, I’m 113% sure Detroit didn’t expect to TANK SOOO HARD in the bottom of the 11th.

I mean, come on!

You’re TIED 3-3 heading into said bottom of the 11th, and you Lose Your Collective-Arse 7-3???



A Great Game, Yes.

A Great Ending? Not So Much.

In Fact, I’d call THAT Ending down-right PATHETIC 😦

Now the Tigers/Rangers series is heading back to Detroit, with Detroit DOWN 2 Games To ZIP.

That ain’t sittin’ to well with those Motown Fans, I TOTALLY Assure You.

Let’s hope they can get it together, or this is going to be a rather Short-Series, and a rather LONG-Winter, in Detroit.


More to come, rest assured…

Step1: Get Blog …check. Step2: BLOG IT!

Okie Dokie, Folks…

This is a Blog about BASEBALL (Reality AND Fantasy), so let’s Blog a bit…

Tonight, The Baseball Universe witnessed The 1st Post-Season Meeting since 1982 between The Saint Louis Cardinals (My Boys!) and The Milwaukee Brewers.

Honestly, it was rather painful to watch.

It Started Great… πŸ™‚

Then Went Crappy… 😦

Then Got Great Again… πŸ˜€

And THEN was Pretty Damn Crappy the Rest of the Way through :*(

As Fleet-Admiral-Obvious Tim McCarver would have likely said, “If your opponent scores as many runs in 1Inning as you did in 9Innings, it’s going to be difficult to win.” …or something of that sort.

Yeah, I know, I wanna Off-Myself Each AND Every Time that man has TheCall, also.

I think EVERY-LIVING-HUMAN (Baseball Fan OR Not) would feel that way having heard this man “work” over the past Couple DECADES 😦

In the end, The BrewCrew downed my RedBirds 9-6.

Game 2 will be happening October 10th @7:05pm, Live From Milwaukee.

Let’s just hope Game 2 is a bit easier to both Watch AND Stomach.

My Guys had best be steppin’ up BIG-TIME, as The Brewers are CrazyArseAWESOME while At Home.

HOWEVER, regardless of a Win OR Loss, I’m still SUPA-DUPA-STOKED I’m able to Witness and Enjoy another Post-Season-Meetin’ between these two clubs.

Either way it goes, TheNL-Central WILL BE Representin’ in The World Series!


I am, of course, pullin’ for My Cardinals, tho.

I wouldn’t be American were it otherwise, right?


More To Come On This, FO SHO FO SHO!

Until then…